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The more conversations I have with young rappers, the more that I realize that this generation has become more and more complacent.  Many of these young rappers actually believe that things ought to be just handed to them.  Because of this, they often settle for hip hop beats that are not very good, and they still somehow think that they will be able to impress people with their lyrical skills.  Unfortunately for them, the beat is probably the most important part of the song, and so any young rapper who is not willing to buy rap beats online is probably not going to make it very far.  To be successful, you need to be willing and able to make an investment in what you are trying to do, and that is why websites where you can purchase high quality rap beats are so incredibly important for the rapper who is trying to make it on his own.

    There is no reason to try and cut any corners or take any short cuts if you want to be able to have a rap career.  You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to promote yourself and to make the best music that you possibly can.  If you are not even willing to make a small investment in order to get some decent beats, you are not very likely to produce any kind of music that anyone will want to listen to.  If you actually have skill, then not investing in it is definitely selling yourself short.

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    Rather than selling yourself short, you ought to be willing to pay whatever you can in order to have the best beats available to you.  If you make an investment, you are more likely to see a return.

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