YouTube Success Story: Dan And Phil

Posted by:admin Posted on:Oct 12,2016

Everybody wants to reach the level of success on YouTube that turns their channel into a brand. You can do this if you buy YouTube views. You can also look towards famous YouTubers for inspiration and by following the steps that they did in order to get their channel popular.

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YouTubers can also use ways outside of YouTube to grow their popularity and get more views. For example, Dan Howell. Dan Howell started off as somebody who was a fan of other YouTubers. He did what many other fans do, he tried to talk to his favorite YouTuber, Phil Lester. Since Dan was persistent and Phil wasn’t popular to the degree that Dan’s messages would get lost in the crowd. After getting Phil’s attention, he asked Phil to give him advice about how to start a YouTube channel of his own. This is a very smart move since getting info from a well-known YouTuber will benefit your popularity a lot. Phil also promoted Dan’s video, further helping him out. Dan and Phil became the best of friends and eventually roommates. They now exist as a brand and share a fan base. Their individual channels are flourishing and they also have two joint channels with thousands of subscribers called DanAndPhilGames and DanAndPhilCrafts. They have written a book together and have gone on tour performing their live show. Their live show is being turned into movie form in collaboration with YouTube Red. Dan Howell’s story could be the story of any fan if they know how to network right.

Buy YouTube views to speed up the process and work hard at creating content that your viewers will want to see. Everybody can become famous on YouTube if they are dedicated enough.


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